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We help fund and wealth managers, private bankers, relationship managers and financial advisors provide better investment advices for their clients.

We manage 200 million USD asset under management.



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More Wealth is a Global Robo Advisor powered by AI. It empowers you with regular unbiased investment advices to have better returns and helps you to give smart and well informed investment decisions in a minute.

More Wealth prevents human errors and irrational financial decisions. It keeps improving in accuracy and efficiency. It provides a significant reduction in operational costs.



More Wealth has developed an innovative unique technology called Cache Ready Multilayer Prediction Package (CRMPP).

Thanks to this technology, billions of calculations are being made every day, AI input layer is being fed continuously and uninterruptedly.

Thus, artificial neural networks provide sustainable and accurate investment advices and predictions.


The Artificial Intelligence (AI) was developed by deep learning and LSTM method.

Dropout process was applied to training set to overcome the outfit problem. The AI was trained by using controlled learning. Gradient descent optimization algorithm was used for finding the minimum of a function.

The artificial neural networks convert the outputs to return expectations.


More Wealth presents investment advices’ results at every moment.

It generates significant better returns. It outperforms the benchmark indices and market averages.

These results are calculated separately for each customer.

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It is a pure AI without any human touch.

Extensive Coverage
Extensive Coverage

More than 2500 Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are being monitored and analyzed every day. You can have investment advices of every asset classes, markets, alternative markets, regions, themes and more.

Continuous Deep Learning
Continuous Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence has a dynamic and continuous deep learning structure. Thus, the financial algorithm is constantly developing and updating itself to reach a lower minimum loss function.

Better Returns
Better Returns

Returns perhaps are one of the most important concerns. More Wealth get ahead of individual wealth management and have the potential for better returns compared to market averages and benchmarks.


Innovative and Modular B2B Robo Advisor

Historical Performance
Historical Performance

Have back dated investment advices to test and compare the performances and analyze the past performance of every ETFs together with the investment advices.

Automatic & Regular Advices
Automatic & Regular Advices

Thanks to our algorithm developed by unique AI, More Wealth automates the investment advices and provides new ones considering financial markets' every movements.

Countless Alternatives & Options
Countless Alternatives & Options

Test and create virtual portfolios and fund baskets in a more flexible way, add or remove multiple ETFs, change their weights and do transactions today or in the past .

Social & Multiple Sharing
Social & Multiple Sharing

Share your virtual portfolios, own investment ideas or More Wealth's advices with other users, track shared ones simultaneously and follow them to have market opinion.

Investor & Risk Profiling
Investor & Risk Profiling

Use interactive questionnaire to determine the risk profile of the investor or choose investor profile directly to have tailor-made investment advices based on the profiles.

Creative Dashboard
Creative Dashboard

Lean and creative design of the dashboard presents every investment advices, virtual portfolios together with ETFs and financial markets' performance in a glance.


Banks, Asset Management Firms, Pension Companies, Brokerage Houses


The main areas for innovation include empowered investors, process externalization, crowd funding, alternative lending, shifting customer preferences, new market platforms, smarter and faster machines, and cashless world.

At More Wealth, we’ve zeroed in on empowered investors.


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